Selling Your Delinquent Accounts


Triton Financial is actively seeking to purchase large pools of debt from issuers nationwide. Types of debt that we purchase include payday loans, installment loans, auto deficiencies, medical, fitness, credit card, mortgage notes, bail bonds, and more.


Things to get together:


  • An Excel sheet listing each debt. This should have information such as the person’s name, address, phone number, email address, date of origin of the debt, date of last payment, date charged off, the balance at charge off and any other information that will be helpful in collecting the debt. The initial file we review can have redacted personal information such as the street address, last name, and SSN Masked, by simply putting a YES or NO in the columns where that information is available or not.


  • Paperwork or PDF files. These should include any contract, or admission form, any payments that were made, a last statement you sent to the person who owes you money. Many types of accounts, like auto deficiency, will require much more documentation to validate the debts. Initially one or two samples will be needed for us to review the files, You will have up to 30 days to assemble the rest once the deal closes.


  • Account history. What has been done to collect the accounts, from internal only collection attempts, to collection agency and/or collection attorneys.




  • Increased Cash Flow: Selling bad debt to a debt buyer can help a creditor realize immediate cash flow that they would not have realized if the accounts went unpaid. This can be especially beneficial for creditors that may be struggling financially or are in need of some extra working capital.


  • Reduction in Collection Efforts: When a creditor sells their bad debt accounts, it eliminates the need for them to continue collection efforts on those accounts, freeing up time and resources for more important tasks such as generating new business.


  •  Improved Credit Rating: Creditors who sell their bad debt will no longer have these accounts appear on their credit reports which can improve the company’s overall credit rating and potentially open up access to better loan terms with other lenders or investors going forward.


  • Lower Risk of Legal Action: By selling off delinquent debts, creditors reduce their risk of being sued by an unhappy customer over nonpayment issues since they are now legally removed from any legal action taken against the debtor by the new owner of the account(s).


  • Tax Advantages: As long as certain IRS criteria is met, creditors may be able to take advantage of certain tax benefits associated with selling off delinquent debts such as claiming losses due to uncollectible payments when filing taxes each year which could result in lower taxes owed at tax time


For assistance with selling your bad debt and past due accounts please email [email protected] or call us during normal business hours at 561-254-6608.